• Conquer all terrain pitfalls with mountain bikes

    Premium MTB CRUSSIS e-bikes are a combination of superior design, quality components and high quality battery Samsung cleverly placed in the center of the frame.

    The electric drive uses digital LCD panel directly on the handlebars. Among its main features include choice of 5 degrees motor assistance, function 6 km / h which helps when starting or pushing the bike without pedaling.

  • For both roads and off-roads trekking bikes are the best

    Do not compromise when plan your route. Comfortable ride on paved trails and comfortable ride in a light field, it's electric trekking bike CRUSSIS.

    Trekking bikes combines the benefits of road machines to narrow tubular with the robustness of mountain bikes. No other type of bike will offer such versatility and universality.

  • E-bikes are perfect mean of city transport.

    Do not let away the joy of movement, save nature and your own money by city electric bikes CRUSSIS. You will never again have to squeeze in crowded public transport vehicles or to be stucked in traffic jams.

    City CRUSSIS e-bikes due to high quality branded components can easily manage all the pitfalls of city streets and can get even paved bike paths.

  • Folding bikes will save you time and space.

    Men's trekking eBike with a long range.

    Folding electric bikes CRUSSIS are fitted with branded components and has a good battery with fifty-kilometer range. Control the degree of motor assistance easily and clear by LED panel located on the handlebar.

Everything about electric bikes

What is an e-bike? Who is it for? Crussis technology

Electric bikes are the ideal mean of transportation for people who want to be active, but do not want to needlessly waste energy.

These are bikes with classic design, supplemented by helpful electric drive easy pedaling while driving both flat ground and uphill. To ride CRUSSIS e-bike you do not need a license. You will not spend any money on fuel. You will ride ecologically, ecologically and efficiently wherever you want.

Almost for everyone. The electric bike will be appreciated by student riding to school, by manager on the way to work and aged husbands on common trips.

It is a myth that owners of electric bikes are lazy. On the contrary, electric bike is for people who like to be active and stay in motion. Electric bike will allow you to get on our own with a little help from the electric motor where you would otherwise have to go by car or public transport. Electric bikes gives you more freedom

All models CRUSSIS electric bikes are equipped with branded quality components.

A substantial part of the electric bikes are batteries, so we leave nothing to chance and we rely on products renowned manufacturer Samsung.

CRUSSIS e-bikes are equiped with brushless motor 250W. Maximum engine power 250W determines the EPAC standard, according to which e-bikes are certified as classic bicycles for use on public roads. Motor provides smooth ride and smooth transition when changing the degree of motor assistance.

Maximum permitted engine speed according to EPAC is 25 km/h.

This does not mean, however, that e-bike cannot achieve higher speeds. After exceeding the authorized speed of 25 km / h, the engine switches off automatically and the user continues to ride faster without motor assistance as a normal bike. When you reduce the speed of the motor to 25 km / h it activates back on automatically.

Control of electric bike provides LED / LCD control panel mounted on the handlebar.